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More Articles from
the Winter 2015/2016
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The King Ferry –
Nowella and Uncle Threadbear
by Oren Pierce


Teddy Bears and other manufactured, companion-animals (including one very
small Lamb who will play a large part in the following chapter), everyone of them
abandoned by children, all lived together
in an old trunk. The Trunk Animals were
mostly not talkers because, for the
most part, their mouths were not
true mouths but were just painted or
sewn on, and so they didn’t talk so
much as they mumbled, grumbled,
or sometimes hummed … and some
hummed most all the time until
someone, usually Uncle Threadbear,
asked them to please stop.
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Reiki Part XIII
Soul Energy

by Don Brennan

If we are referring to energy healing,
the most appropriate interpretation
for the word “Reiki,” is Soul Energy.
The word now has other associations
in contemporary Japan, having to do
with the ghost world and the occult,
but originally it represented the unity
of heaven, earth and man.
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How Should I
Work With
My Spirit Guides

by Corbie Mitleid

When I talk about Spirit Guides, I talk
about those discarnate beings that help
us move along on our Earthwalk with compassion, wisdom, and often advice.
But there is a big difference, for me,
between spirit guides and angels, and
people can often mix them up.
Here is the formula:


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It is a Wonderful
Life Indeed

By Kris Faso

....... as all thought subsides, I sink
deeper into my being and expand
outward. Eventually I transcend the
space, as my weight merges within the environment. It is at that moment of
expanding all my senses, that I notice
my Spirit, and I see I am not alone.
There, on either side of me, sit two
(familiar) Spirit guides.A third Spirit,
as I was told, was a Teller -
a Teacher Spirit.
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